About Us
MDS Audio is a boutique production house providing services with a unique sonic personality. We compose original sound tracks for all media, including TV, radio, and digital, and additionally work on sound post production, voice overs and SFX. Our team of specialists uses world-class facilities in a comfortable and inspirational environment. Most recently nominated in the category of ‘Best music in a documentary’ at the 2015 Australian Screen Music Awards and best composer for 2017 WA PADC Diamond Skulls.


  • We have a team on hand that each specialise in their genre. Whether it be orchestral film scores using either live or sampled orchestra, gentle indy folk, ‘In your face’ electronica, or an acoustic jazz ensemble.

Audio Production

  • Audio production for all formats including TV, radio, mobile and internet.
  • Voice over recording, foley, production music.
  • Source Connect facilities for remote recording.

Sound Design

  • Creating an eerie, ambient soundscape, or re-creating a complete audio background, we have the libraries and tools that cater for all aspects.

Our Team


Composer, producer and engineer, Tim likes to push the boundaries when creating audio, both in music and sound design. Many years experience in the sound and music for film industry has given Tim the skills for interpreting briefs from directors and producers.

Keith van Geyzel

Co-founder of MDS, Keith is a highly skilled musician, an alumni of Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Groves Institute of Music in Los Angeles. Before MDS, Keith was senior lecturer and head of department at the WA Conservatory of Music, lecturing in piano, arranging and film scoring.